6 Best Games We Will Play This Spring!

6 Best Games We Will Play This Spring!

If you are looking for games to play this spring, you are definitely on the right spot! Today we will talk about the hottest games that will come to you this spring and all the games that you will be able to enjoy and experience!

     6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan

Platinum games has another trick up their sleeve this spring as they release the latest TMTN game. There has been a lot of speculation what can be expected from this game but we will see soon enough, as I am sure a lot of gamers are impatient to play this amazing game this spring. It is known that there will be certain RPG elements to the game, such as the gamers being able to upgrade the turtle’s abilities using green orbs which can be found in the game, for the rest wait and see!


     5. Overwatch
Here comes a game which has awesome aesthetics, amazing game-play and allows the player to be competitive! It also allows the player to change character between the deaths! In other words, you will finally be able to play numerous characters and adjust your character to precisely what your team needs! The breathtaking multiplayer is bound to have a lot of fans this spring!


     4. Dark Souls III
For all the fans of Dark Souls franchise, this spring will certainly be quite a treat! Even though the game-play is similar to Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3 brings us fewer maps (phew – what a relief!) and what is also interesting is that all the maps are interconnected! This will certainly encourage exploration in the game and make it a lot more interesting!


     3. Quantum Break
If you are looking for a game that follows a popular TV series, look no longer as Quantum Break is just the game for you! In addition to that the story is interesting and the graphics are amazing, so it is amazing to learn we will be able to play this amazing game this very spring!


     2. Doom
You might have been waiting long 12 years for another opportunity to play Doom, but the waiting will finally pay off this spring! If you are just looking for a game where you can play with big guns, Doom is also perfect for you this spring! Lucky you, the release date is just around the corner and you will be able to enjoy Doom this very spring!


     1. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
If you cannot wait to take the full control of Faith Connors as she parkours through a futuristic city it is great to hear that you will be able to do just that this very spring. In addition to that the creators of the game have introduced a very interesting aspect to this game where you can use environmental objects as a means of getting you around the city. In addition to that, you will also be able to use the amazing runner’s vision.



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