4 stealth games for hardcore stealth gamers

4 stealth games photoGaming has always been interesting because of its wide range of games that cover almost any topic you could imagine.

From puzzle games that are designed for six-year-old kids, to the complex FPS games – anything you like.

Somehow, I stuck with stealth games because I like sneaking around and avoiding trouble. For this occasion, I have prepared the top 5 stealth games that are absolutely must have in your collection.

For the sake of the article, I will say a few words about each one because we don’t have space for detailed reviews. Let’s start with the fifth choice.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Although this game is action/stealth, the game often forces you to sneak around and avoid guards and shooting enemies. This is a cyberpunk FPS action RPG stealth game by Eidos Montreal that was released in 2011.

The main themes are globalization, espionage, human advancement and poverty, which are incorporated in an outstanding way, putting the biotechnology in first place.

You can see and mark enemies through the wall, engage the cloak mode (enemies can’t see you), put down enemies in a non-lethal way and so on. In a nutshell, this games offer tons of secrets in a form of different tactics, outcomes and rewards, especially if you play the game stealthy.

Styx: Master of Shadows

Styx is a game that is made of a combination of several games – like Dishonored or Thief. The story is set in the world of Humans and Elves basically, and Styx, while trying to comprehend his origins, uses stealth, thievery and murder techniques to discover the real truth.

The game offers a wide range of tools that you use for navigating through the game. It is highly important that your goblin Styx reaches objectives in a stealthy way. Styx can clone himself and trick enemies very easily. Wide levels are non-linear, although sometimes it looks like that, but if you are fan of stealth games, you will like this one.


Dishonored is a stealth-action adventure game released in 2012, but despite being 4 years old, this game is still one of the best stealth games in the last 5 years. Cyberpunk themed, this game usually offers assassination missions, which can be performed in many ways, depending on your style.

The game implements huge open-world levels with non-linear gameplay, which provides different experience every time you play a mission. In a combination with excellent perks (Bend Time for example) and gadgets, the game is more than interesting.

The perks or powers are the trademark of this game – Blink perk is important, due to its power to teleport to at longer distances. It’s definitely the game that will nail you to your PC until you finish it to the end.

Splinter Cell : Conviction

Splinter Cell series is famous for its stealth structure, which incorporated intriguing themes like conspiracy, espionage and national security. Sam Fisher is the main protagonist through the whole franchise.

The game’s main objective is to render an activity of a covert-ops agent who is usually betrayed at the end. The design is more than excellent – the color and atmosphere change according to the situations and the outcome.

Simple platforming gives an extra taste of covert-ops missions, while the gadgets enhance the agent’s abilities and will to serve justice and kill the bad guys.

These are my four of my favorite stealth games, although there are many more I enjoy. Like I said, If I listed all the stealth games I play, the article would be 5 pages long at least. So consider this article as an introduction – I will write about stealth games again on some other occasion.


Author: George Boyer

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