What are the best strategy games on PC’s?

What are the best strategy games on PC’s?

pc-games-image-1Are you a gamer? Do you like strategy games? How often do you play them? What is your favorite strategy game? Well, if you are not a gamer and if you do not know what to do with your life in your free time.

We think that you will become one after you finish reading our list of the best strategy games. Here we show you the best games which are great fun to play and drive players all around the world crazy every day.



This game is one of those good ones in where the lack of opportunities give you a real challenge. You may have only six scan sites which are possible, while they mostly left out the fight encounters in the game. On the other hand, you get to choose what you want to do with this range of options which is very narrow and matters greatly.

You must recruit your rookies (beginners), you will need an engineer who will build a facility which will give you an opportunity to contact a lot more territories. You will also need the alloys of aliens which will upgrade all the weapons that you have. You need to know that you can never have all of them and you can probably have only one. XCOM 2 represents the best Firaxis game ever produced.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

Do you think that this game sounds a little sacrilegious? That’s what we thought at first as well. It’s been over one decade since their last game (the Homeworld game), and it was obviously going to take some game which would be remembered for the different 3D movement and spaceships. So, it was supposed to be turned into RTS which is ground based and has tanks? Do you think this is a prequel?

We are aware of all the ways that this game could’ve gone so wrong, but Deserts of Kharak surprised us and succeeded in every single way. We think it’s incredible what RTS and Homeworld achieved and we want to see more of their magic.
pc-games-image-2Endless Legend

Do you want to see a 4X fantasy? Do you want to have one of the best hits when it comes to games? Well, Endless Legend is a 4X fantasy, and people confirmed that it is simply the best game in this genre since forever (Civ 4 was the best before this one).

This game is very deep, diverse, it contains a lot of different fascinating factions (which are asymmetrical), then hero units, sub – races, investigation, discoveries and many other things. We think this game sounds amazing and we want to try out all the great things it offers.


XCOM: Enemy Within

This Firaxis game is essentially an action game in which you must care about your squad most of all. It doesn’t matter if you get there by moving them, giving them names after people you know, this game Enemy Within is definitely above all strategy games you’ve already seen as it is one of those which will make you think and care about your decisions.

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The History Of Gaming So Far

The History Of Gaming So Far

image 2Video games do not have a very long history, and the beginnings of this phenomenon only go back a couple of decades.

However, the history of gaming is filled with exciting moments, and the progress of technology and innovation has left clean marks for us to be able to follow the most important moments in the development of gaming.

Even though gaming was practiced in the ancient times as well, which can be seen from several artifacts found in Egypt and similar civilizations, video gaming had to wait for the invention of electronic computers, and that is why video games have less than a century of tradition.

However, gaming has expanded beyond all expectations, and people now spend more than $33 billion annually on playing video games. The fascination with virtual worlds and characters grows stronger by the day, and 4 out of 5 households in the United States have a gaming console.

The overall gaming industry is enormous, and the total worth of this business is estimated at more than $100 billion. With such impressive numbers, it is easy to forget “how it was in the beginning” and that humble origins of video gaming are responsible for what was to become of this addictive “pass time.”

The first video games started to appear in the 1950s and 60s when simple simulations were developed for big computers that were found in research facilities and big corporations.

The first games and programs were focused on research, not entertainment, which slowed the progress and we had to wait several years before the first gaming consoles were invented. 1962 saw the appearance of “Space war!”, and five years later, in 1967, Ralph Bauer developed “Brown Box” – the first home gaming system.

Bauer is a very important name in the history of gaming, just like Nolan Bushnell is, who is known as the godfather of gaming.

Bushnell was the founder of Atari, a well-known gaming company, and their console called Atari 2600 was the first console to reach industrial production and massive numbers of sales. 1970s and 80s were especially productive and fruitful when it comes to video games, and arcades were a cultural trademark of this period.

Games like “Space Invaders”, “PacMan”, “Mario Bros”, “The Legend of Zelda”, and so on, have marked this era, and they have left a strong influence on adolescents and anyone else who ever played these titles.

Later on, during the 1990s, gaming continued to grow and evolve, and the appearance of Windows and the subsequent Internet revolution brought major changes to the ways in which people were playing their games.

Nintendo and Sega were active in that period, but Play Station and Xbox appeared at the start of the 2000s, and they dominated the gaming world ever since.

However, mobile gaming is also becoming an important force on the gaming scene, and the experts predict that smartphones and tablets are going to be even more important in the future. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are also improving, and all of this is leading to better games and more fun to the gamers.

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A New Challenger On CCG Scene – The Duelyst

A New Challenger On CCG Scene – The Duelyst

First imageIn the mystical world of digital card games, dominated by Hearthstone, comes a new challenger – the Duelyst, a fresh and unique game with well-drawn maps and intriguing gameplay.
The plan of Duelyst developers, veterans who worked on titles like Rogue Legacy and Diablo III, seems to be just that: create a game capable of challenging the Blizzard’s giant on the same level, but only to the point of being able to conquer the quite different customers.

Draw your sword! Let the duel start!

The Duelyst, is without doubt a wonderful card game. The player builds a beautiful 40-card deck, chooses a General and prepares for battle. The commander is a vital character on a playing field divided into squares, as in the most classic tactical RPGs. You will be able to combine cards with the turn-based strategy, creatures, spells or played artifacts, these features give the game a tactical direction completely different from Hearthstone. The ultimate goal is, off course, the same; you should eliminate the opposing General.
The realm of endless combinations

The game offers challenging combinations of creatures, powerful elemental spells and other surprises, so it is very important to place your hero in an ideal spot. The Duelyst leverages a steady growth system of mana to play various cards virtually identical to Hearthstone, combined with skills, traps and spells.
The fact that the game offers six different races and that each is equipped with two different Generals is even more surprising, especially when you consider that these Generals are equipped with dedicated passive skills that can so heavily influence the game. Neutral cards are inserted in each pack and they are useful to complete particularly devastating combinations. Another curious mechanic is substitution, which allows exchanging a card from the hand with a random from the deck, and gives greater variety to the gameplay.

Make your perfect deck

The Duelyst offers a huge variety of cards, so you will be able to sort them as you like and create an ideal combination. Some cards are exclusive, so you will need to invest some time to obtain them, but at the same time, they are extremely powerful and can define your own, personal gameplay style.
It is crucial to grasp the mechanics of the game, you must be able to determine when to place a certain card on the battlefield, in that sense, the Duelyst Is very similar to Chess, but it offers faster and richer gameplay.
In the mystical world of digital card games, dominated by Hearthstone, comes a new challenger – the Duelyst, a fresh and unique game From a technical point of view, the game is solid, without any particular shortcomings or technical issues.
If you want to collect the ideal deck, be prepared for long, long farming sessions, after all this is a game that is made to sell card packs, so if you want to go down another route, be prepared to spend some time collecting coins in the game.

The Duelyst is a really amazing card game, it offers a different experience then Hearthstone, but still it keeps the main intriguing moments in the play. If you like Hearthstone, you will definitely adore the Duelyst, as it offers almost the same level of fun and entertainment.


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6 Best Games We Will Play This Spring!

6 Best Games We Will Play This Spring!

If you are looking for games to play this spring, you are definitely on the right spot! Today we will talk about the hottest games that will come to you this spring and all the games that you will be able to enjoy and experience!

     6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan

Platinum games has another trick up their sleeve this spring as they release the latest TMTN game. There has been a lot of speculation what can be expected from this game but we will see soon enough, as I am sure a lot of gamers are impatient to play this amazing game this spring. It is known that there will be certain RPG elements to the game, such as the gamers being able to upgrade the turtle’s abilities using green orbs which can be found in the game, for the rest wait and see!


     5. Overwatch
Here comes a game which has awesome aesthetics, amazing game-play and allows the player to be competitive! It also allows the player to change character between the deaths! In other words, you will finally be able to play numerous characters and adjust your character to precisely what your team needs! The breathtaking multiplayer is bound to have a lot of fans this spring!


     4. Dark Souls III
For all the fans of Dark Souls franchise, this spring will certainly be quite a treat! Even though the game-play is similar to Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3 brings us fewer maps (phew – what a relief!) and what is also interesting is that all the maps are interconnected! This will certainly encourage exploration in the game and make it a lot more interesting!


     3. Quantum Break
If you are looking for a game that follows a popular TV series, look no longer as Quantum Break is just the game for you! In addition to that the story is interesting and the graphics are amazing, so it is amazing to learn we will be able to play this amazing game this very spring!


     2. Doom
You might have been waiting long 12 years for another opportunity to play Doom, but the waiting will finally pay off this spring! If you are just looking for a game where you can play with big guns, Doom is also perfect for you this spring! Lucky you, the release date is just around the corner and you will be able to enjoy Doom this very spring!


     1. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
If you cannot wait to take the full control of Faith Connors as she parkours through a futuristic city it is great to hear that you will be able to do just that this very spring. In addition to that the creators of the game have introduced a very interesting aspect to this game where you can use environmental objects as a means of getting you around the city. In addition to that, you will also be able to use the amazing runner’s vision.



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