New Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine

main top photo imageSince CD Project Red released the first Witcher game based on Andrzey Sapkowski’s books, players were able to enter a magical world filled with monsters and people in medieval times as a witcher, a mutant specialized in exterminating monsters of any kind.

How Andrzey explains this character, witchers were professional monster slayers with a neutral way of thinking about factions, kingdoms, and races. Their sole purpose was to eradicate every monster that appears as a result of conjunction spheres.

The game followed Geralt’s story from part one to part three. After the 3rd release of the game, developers stated that there will be no extensions to the original story as they are not planning on releasing anything new from this title.

Changing the decision.

After the huge success and increase in popularity of the game, especially of Witcher 3 in 2015, game developers changed their decision by releasing the first expansion pack called Hearts of Stone. It was supposed to be the one and only expansion.

After numerous requests from fans of this franchise, game developers again started with the development of another expansion called Blood and Wine.


This time, the famous Witcher Geralt travels to a new area untouched by war and human conflict called Toussaint. The colorful forests and regions of this new unexplored area seem like everything is in perfect order, but as always there is something sinister that can be revealed beyond this mask of utopia.

The expansion will feature more than 30 hours of gameplay as there will be more than 90 quests, over 30 points of interest and around 100 pieces of armor. This will include the new Witcher sets that were released as add-ons after the 3rd part.

But this is not all as there will also be 14000 dialogue lines, over 30 weapons to acquire and more than 20 new monsters to exterminate.

Game features.

New monster mutagens are available in this expansion, providing extraordinary effects and even better abilities to our favorite protagonist.

New mutagens effects will consider damage immunity for a certain period after a player’s energy is depleted, a critical effect of any sign that as a finishing move makes enemies explode and other effects that we will leave for you to explore.

The user’s interface is changed in a few ways, providing more colors and better management of abilities.

Every Witcher fan is even more excited by this new expansion’s release as there is an option to continue from your story and import your save from previous parts and expansion.

This way all the equipment and accessories will be available for you to continue with the exploration of enhancing Geralt’s abilities and powers.

As an addition to new sets of armors, there is also an option to change the color of Witcher’s armor. This dye can be purchased from merchants, collected as loot or rewarded by character after completing various side quests.

Another great thing that comes with a new patch 1.20 is that Geralt can be rotated in the menu, providing a better look of equipment and armor.



Author: George Boyer

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