The Best Games Consoles Around

As with everything opinion is divided as to what is the best games system available today. There are two big contenders, Sony’s PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One to choose between and users of each will make a strong case for their chosen console.

Perhaps the first thing you should consider is the games that you will want to play. Both manufacturers have games that are exclusive to their consoles. However you will now find many more of the top games are available on both consoles but if you have a real favourite check first.

Xbox One

The Xbox One is tried and tested Microsoft technology that has evolved over the last twelve years from the original Xbox 360.  Whilst it offers digital only audio and video via three USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI input. It also has an external power supply which can add to the clutter in your gaming setup.

Inside your Xbox you will find an AMD chip, two quad-core Jaguar processor modules with 8GB of DDR3 memory. Resolution wise this will usually give you 1,600 x 900.

The well designed hand controller offers good grip with a precise four way directional pad, very little dead zone on the analogue sticks and good force feedback through the triggers. You may wish to buy the optional Play and Charge battery pack rather than having to keep a supply of AA batteries to hand.

PlayStation 4

The PS4 has a built in power supply and digital only HDMI/optical ports like the Xbox One. It has a good interface so you can easily navigate through the menus.

As regards the visuals the PlayStaion 4 comes out ahead here as it has more powerful graphics hardware giving a better resolution provided by an AMD chip which contains an eight- core CPU and a GPU with eighteen compute units. The PS4’s memory is provided by 8GB of GDD5 memory which compares with costly PC graphic cards. All of this provides a great on screen experience with higher resolutions and smoother frame rates with most games running at a Full HD 1,920 x 1,080.

The hand controller is well designed with the analogue sticks set well apart that are very responsive with hardly any dead zone. The buttons and triggers are also well placed and you also have a touch pad to carry out swipes and other commands. So this is a good example of ergonomic engineering  which combined with the built in motion controls and eight hour battery life only adds to a great gaming package.


Author: George Boyer

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