The Best Troops Strategy In DomiNations

dominations top imageIf you want to triumph in the awesome DomiNations game, you must have a strong and reliable army. It is true that this is a game about resources, you need to collect them, you need to use them, you are going to war to collect additional resources, but it is also a game of strategy and tactics.

Sooner or later every player in the game asks the same question – What troops should I use? Some people recommend using DomiNation cheat codes to learn possibilities of each troop, since you have unlimited resources for production of troops.

Understanding the Mechanics of the Game

To be a successful player or raider in the game, you must understand the purpose of each unit and use it according to that purpose. There are many different troops in the game, from weak soldiers to Ballistas, and they all have a specific purpose in attacking.

In that sense, it is a simulation, similar to real warfare where different soldiers have different duties and functions. So, you need to understand the basic purpose of every unit and use them according to that.

For example, archers are supposed to give protection to melee units, in this case, soldiers. It is not advisable to send solo archers in the raid; they will be vulnerable to direct attacks.

Most Reliable Troops – Basic Troops

There are many different tactics in the game, but in my view basic troops work best! By saying this, I am focusing on farming, or gathering resources, and believe me; it can be done with basic troops, soldiers, archers and horse raiders. You do not need advanced, fancy units to collect resources, simple, but the effective army does work.

Make a small army of soldiers and archers in that way that for every solder you add two more archers in a squad. Yes, it is simple, but it is also very effective.

All you need to do is to find a proper base and collect resources. You need to search for a low defense/high resource base focusing on Mill and Market rather than on Town Hall. However, if you don’t like gathering resources, download DomiNations Hack. This Dominations hack tool gives you unlimited amounts of resources.


second imageAdvanced Troops in the Game

After you collected enough resources in the game with this simple method, you may consider upgrading your city and structures to produce more advanced units.

Heavy Cavalry is an extremely reliable unit in later stages of the game; which is unlocked in the Iron Age. You may use them as primary protective units as they can receive a lot of damage from Towers.

Wall Breachers are necessary to take down defense walls, but also do not forget that they are capable of attacking other buildings as well.

However, for building destruction, you should use Ranged Siege, a specific unit made for such purpose. Mortar Infantry will be unlocked in the Gunpowder Age; they are very effective at devastating enemy troops from a distance. As you progress in the game, you will unlock even more advanced units that you can use in raiding.

DomiNations is a real strategy game when it comes to endless army setup combinations; such variety is a challenge for any player – to create a most efficient army. If you are oriented more to war then to economic simulation, you will appreciate DomiNations Hack, nice and safe way to fill your Mills and Market with resources and focus entirely on battles.


Author: George Boyer

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