What are the best strategy games on PC’s?

pc-games-image-1Are you a gamer? Do you like strategy games? How often do you play them? What is your favorite strategy game? Well, if you are not a gamer and if you do not know what to do with your life in your free time.

We think that you will become one after you finish reading our list of the best strategy games. Here we show you the best games which are great fun to play and drive players all around the world crazy every day.



This game is one of those good ones in where the lack of opportunities give you a real challenge. You may have only six scan sites which are possible, while they mostly left out the fight encounters in the game. On the other hand, you get to choose what you want to do with this range of options which is very narrow and matters greatly.

You must recruit your rookies (beginners), you will need an engineer who will build a facility which will give you an opportunity to contact a lot more territories. You will also need the alloys of aliens which will upgrade all the weapons that you have. You need to know that you can never have all of them and you can probably have only one. XCOM 2 represents the best Firaxis game ever produced.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

Do you think that this game sounds a little sacrilegious? That’s what we thought at first as well. It’s been over one decade since their last game (the Homeworld game), and it was obviously going to take some game which would be remembered for the different 3D movement and spaceships. So, it was supposed to be turned into RTS which is ground based and has tanks? Do you think this is a prequel?

We are aware of all the ways that this game could’ve gone so wrong, but Deserts of Kharak surprised us and succeeded in every single way. We think it’s incredible what RTS and Homeworld achieved and we want to see more of their magic.
pc-games-image-2Endless Legend

Do you want to see a 4X fantasy? Do you want to have one of the best hits when it comes to games? Well, Endless Legend is a 4X fantasy, and people confirmed that it is simply the best game in this genre since forever (Civ 4 was the best before this one).

This game is very deep, diverse, it contains a lot of different fascinating factions (which are asymmetrical), then hero units, sub – races, investigation, discoveries and many other things. We think this game sounds amazing and we want to try out all the great things it offers.


XCOM: Enemy Within

This Firaxis game is essentially an action game in which you must care about your squad most of all. It doesn’t matter if you get there by moving them, giving them names after people you know, this game Enemy Within is definitely above all strategy games you’ve already seen as it is one of those which will make you think and care about your decisions.


Author: George Boyer

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